How To Tell If Your Wine Is Bad


There is nothing quite like a refreshing glass of white wine on a summer’s day or a warming glass of red after a long day at work. Wine should be stored at the right temperature to ensure that it does not go bad. Drinking a poor glass of wine isn’t something that anyone wants to do. There are several warnings signs which will indicate that wine has gone bad and that it should be poured away instead of being drunk.

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35 Years Of Success Celebrated At Magor Brewery

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Magor Brewery recently unveiled a commemorative plaque to recognise its 35th year of operations.

The brewery opened in 1979 and today is one of the largest breweries in the UK, employing over 400 people from the local community. 

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6 Quick And Easy Christmas Cocktails


In the lead up to the festive season pubs across the nation are gearing up to cater for an influx of merrymakers. Everyone loves a good Christmas cocktail and introducing a seasonal drinks menu is one of the most effective ways to boost your bottom line during the winter months. While some pubs will be able to execute this with ease, some establishments just aren’t armed with the knowledge and equipment to whip up show stopping drinks.

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Transform Special Occasions With Gift Baskets


Those who are searching for a high quality gifts to send overseas to their loved ones and knows can consider gift baskets. These are ideal for the  holiday season, special occasions and corporate events. The best thing is that you will find a plethora of options. Some of the online gift stores also offer customized gift baskets according to your desires. There are fabulous gift baskets with assortments of item that you and the receiver will enjoy receiving.

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Wine Racks A Perfect Choice For Wine Storage

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The dream of every wine enthusiast is the perfect wine cellar. Then you could buy wine when he is young but affordable and allow him to develop Drinkability. Many wines are getting ever only in their youth. Moreover, it is a sublime feeling when you feel like a great wine to be able to go in the own wine cellar to choose a bottle for the evening or a special occasion. Unfortunately, few people live in a chateau with vaulted cellar. Fortunately, it does not necessarily romantic candlelit crypt to store wine long term.

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